There is never a sudden result in any adventure of life.

Whatever may have appeared to be sudden comes in response to a long-term preparation.

The disciples of Jesus encountered sudden outpouring of the Spirit when the day of Pentecost came, having waited gradually for 40 days. Acts 1:1-3.

Nothing happens so soon just as no man gets drunk as soon as He starts drinking.

Power doesn’t come down so soon.

There is an  element of “tarrying” that necessarily precedes the release of power. Acts 1:4-8,14; 2:1-4.

Is it that God can’t make it happen immediately? No!

God demands time essentially to prepare man.

He wants to ascertain man’s interest and desperation for the power.

Anything of interest will test a man’s patience before its delivery.

Therefore, tarry long enough in prayer for your answer to come.